Post-Couture Pop-up at Vienna Biennale


During this year's Vienna Biennale I will open a Post-Couture Makershop in the heart of the city. 

In this pop-up we will show visitors our view of the future of (fashion) retail. The traditional shop is transformed to a space where our garments are presented in physical and digital form, where they can be customised and created using no other equipment then a lasercutter.

Once you pick your design, your fabric and get your measurements taken, we will customise the design for you, lasercut the pattern pieces, and give you your personal design within half an hour. 

We think the Makershop is a great concept for a more sustainable future. Because items are only made after they are sold, we will never have any left-over stock. The materials we use are already recycled or can be easily recycled due to the production and assembly process.

Read more on the Post-Couture website HERE.
Hope to see you in Vienna!


For the occasion of the 2017 Vienna Biennale The Post-Couture Collective and Meshit are joining forces to co-create a Post-Couture collection of on-demand garments. 

From June 21-25 '17 we will be working in the CityFactory exhibit at MAK where you can see and join the digital design process in the making. 

At our second Pop-Up presentation from September 15-23 '17, the Post-Couture Vienna collection is launched. At the Qwstion concept store in Vienna city centre this new collection will be available for sale and created on-demand for all visitors curious to a surprising alternative to today’s fashion system.


-> Post-Couture Vienna Biennale Presskit

Martijn van Strien