Makersleeve on Kickstarter!

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Makersleeve on Kickstarter!

Last Saturday I launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new product that can be created on-demand, and that I really want to share with you! After founding The Post-Couture Collective and writing the Open Source Fashion Manifesto last year, this project is another concept that works towards a world without overproduction.

MAKERSLEEVE is the first sleeve for smart devices that can be made on demand, in a Makerspace anywhere in the world, by anyone. Unlike your average laptop sleeve, a Makersleeve is only made after it is sold. Due to it’s clever design, it can be made in a matter of minutes anywhere in the world using nothing but fabric and a lasercutter. 

The digital design automatically transforms to perfectly fit your device. Each product is super-personal and made on demand at a Makerspace near you. So we don’t produce for a stock that turns into trash after a while, use minimal transport and you can get your Makersleeve super quick.


Through this campaign you can be the first to order a custom made Makersleeve in any of these 4 colours, and in any size. We also have small rewards with which you can show the world you’re a maker, that are made from the leftover materials from lasercutting your sleeves. You can even visit our studio for an inspiring workshop about designing for the maker community, or invite us to organise a Makersleeve pop-up in your store, studio, makerspace or event.

With your support, we want to finalise the development of the Makersleeves and find Makerspaces that can lasercut you sleeves as close to you as possible.

Martijn van Strien