After the economic downfall and the decline of our society life on this planet will be tough and unsure. For people to survive they will need a protective outer layer which guards them from the harsh conditions of every day life. Outerwear used to shield from heavy weather. A product that is at the same time highly functional and easy to industrially mass-manufacture.

This series of coats explores the possibilities of combining very durable but inexpensive materials with fast and effective ways of putting them together. To be functional at low cost, every piece consists of a single piece of heavy duty black tarpaulin and there are only straight cuts and sealed seams.
The extremely basic shapes are inspired by Brutalist architecture, a spawn from the Modernist architectural movement. It has an austere feeling due to the linear, fortresslike and blockish look. The style comes off cold, distant, sober and mysterious. These are the outfits that make it possible for man to live through a dark future.

photos: Imke Ligthart