Martijn van Strien

Innovating in fashion & textiles by testing radically different approaches to garment & product design, production and consumption. 



Martijn van Strien (1988) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012 with majors in textile design and forecasting. After working for Bruno Pieter’s sustainable fashion label Honest by. in Antwerp he moved to Rotterdam, where he started his own studio in 2014. 

Van Strien’s studio uses modern technologies to bring innovative ideas to the fashion world. By testing radically different approaches to garment design, production and consumption he changes our perception and opens possibilities for a more sustainable industry

Since 2015 his studio develops and leads The Post-Couture Collective, an open-source project that spawned the first maker community for garments. It gives consumers the possibility to produce their own clothing by introducing a line of wearable clothing designed specifically for production on lasercutters and 3d printers.

In 2016 he launched the Makersleeve. A clever sleeve based on a fully parametric design that is lasercut on-demand and fits any portable digital device.

Van Strien co-wrote and published The Open-Source Fashion Manifesto with Vera de Pont, and regularly speaks at international events about the future of fashion and technology.

At the TextielMuseum | TextielLab Tilburg Martijn works as a yarn advisor and textile specialist, developing highly custom textiles for designers, architects and artists.