Martijn van Strien


For the occasion of the Vienna Biennale 2017, I joined forces with Meshit to co-create a Post-Couture collection of on-demand garments. 

At our second Pop-Up Makershop at the Vienna Biennale 2017, the Post-Couture Vienna collection will be launched at Qwstion concept store in Vienna. Here you’ll be able buy the new pieces, and they’ll be created in-store and on-demand, from our limited edition materials. 

To be sure of your Post-Couture Vienna piece, order your design in the PRESALE and then visit Qwstion to see your garment produced on the spot!

Stay up-to-date about the PRESALE & COLLECTION LAUNCH on the Post-Couture Facebook!




Fashion and garments have the potential to make us proud, we can’t let our joy be spoiled by a sense of guilt over how they are made. My projects aim to challenge existing norms and practices in this industry, by showing radically different alternatives. 

Inspired by modern technology and following the open-source philosophy I work on innovative projects in collaborations with both designers and researchers. 

We all share the same future, and what it looks like is entirely up to us, my aim is to inspire and develop the brightest possible version.