Martijn van Strien


Fashion and garments have the potential to make us proud, we can’t let our joy be spoiled by a sense of guilt over how their are made nowadays. My projects aim to challenge existing norms and practices in this industry, by showing radically different alternatives. 

Inspired by modern technology and following the open-source philosophy I work on innovative projects in collaborations with both designers and researchers. 

We all share the same future, and what it looks like is entirely up to us, my aim is to inspire and develop the brightest possible version.




Over the past few years, clothing has been treated more and more like a disposable product. The production of clothing is aimed for increasing numbers and production to decrease prices. Low prices seem attractive, but what does this way of producing mean for the future of the environment and the people that work in this industry?

The Post-Couture Collective offers an alternative to today’s fashion system. We’re introducing a new era in the production of sustainable and affordable clothing. In our vision clothing is designed on the principles of open-source, and is made using 21st century technology. We are the first fashion label that truly embraces the Maker Movement and the Third Industrial Revolution.